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Three things that really tick me off

posted by Crazed on 2008/1/23 (Rants)

You know what I really don't like? Well, the list could probably go on for miles. But, after the joking ones (such as Chicago, New Jersey, etc.), there's a few things that really get me mad.

1. "America is the epitome of injustice"

Firstly, you suck. If you could ever compare countries like America, Canada, and England to countries like Iran and Uganda, you have serious problems and should probably be diagnosed by a psychiatric technician.

Now, allow me to expand upon that first paragraph (also it is summed up there quite well). Also, since it doesn't just apply to America (although it usually does), I'll just refer to it as Amerienglanada.

Anyway, onward. Let me explain to you about of who I am talking. I am talking about the average young internet user: a kid probably between 15 and 28, someone who's grown up in the lap of luxury (more or less). I'm talking about people who really have no idea what freedom is. I don't claim to know what freedom is either; however I can still point out the hypocrisy in this group.

The biggest flaw in the argument that Amerienglanada is repressive and restrictive is quite glaring, but most people are too stupid to realize it. Firstly, these people fail to understand that they're expressing freedom by even having the ability to talk out against the government. If you lived in a truly horrid nation, you probably would be killed.

Roughly the second flaw is this: they don't know what it's like to not have freedom. And no, I'm not talking about petty, new-age crap like "I can't speak English so I can't order food!" or "Someone called me a 'fag'!" Seriously, most of this demographic has lived in their countries all their lives, gone to school, gone to college, picked their jobs and had the freedom to do that.

Now aside from the fact they were probably indoctrinated by the colleges (another post in itself), what right do they have to call out that something is a grave injustice against humanity in the capitals of the free world? Absolutely none. I defy you to go back and ask an elder, perhaps a veteran of World War II or Korea, and ask him to talk to you about freedom. These neo-communists have no idea how communism really worked in nations such as Russia. The people who call out Amerienglanada as the greatest evil of the free world really have no idea what the free world is. They've never had to fight for it, to experience it in a nation that does not have such freedoms. Ask people who lived in Afghanistan all of their lives; I'm sure more than one of them would say that when they came to Amerienglanada earnestly and worked honestly, they were just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

And that's the other thing. People today just take things for granted. Seriously, if gays can't marry or you can't sue that doctor because you developed a skin rash, is that really a great injustice? No, it isn't. Get out of your shells. Try being killed summarily for having faith in your god, or perhaps having your entire family impressed into something because of your political opinions.

Any argument these type of people could field really just points out their own hypocrisy, because it just vindicates the fact that they've had the freedom to make such choices and statements.

2. "I like to have fun (drink/smoke) with my friends (have sex with my girl/boyfriend)"

I read this almost verbatim on someone's page on one of those social blogs.

Social drinkers who may get a little tipsy: fine. I may not do that myself, but no big deal. However, arrogant people who believe the only proper way to enjoy yourself with your friends is to be stoned: bad.

If I can have as much fun with my friends without being drunk, I must have some form of mental retardation.

Try doing things that don't involve an intoxicating, liver-murdering, death beverage. You might have a clear enough brain to rethink point #1 (above).

3. "Anything goes, goes."

This kind of relates to the above (and it's not the Chinese song in the beginning of Temple of Doom), but I won't dwell on how. Instead, I'll talk about some of the more major issues.

In this section I talk about the people that believe there is no right or wrong. There is no other group with whom I have a more fundamental disagreement than this. Even the people who hate Amerienglanada I'm not as infuriated. Even Democrats do not make me so mad... and that's saying something!

This can manifest itself in several ways. One of them can be "You just called Amerienglanada 'just' and 'good'! You cannot say that!" Putting the fact that this violates one of their other arguments (free expression of opinion) aside, this simply makes me become enraged. But, this backtracks to section #1, and I won't reiterate it here.

Well, okay, I will a little bit. Simply put, if you're a relativist, fine. I'm probably not going to change your views. However, if you say Amerienglanada is evil and South Korea/Iran/whatever is "good", then you're not a relativist: you're an IDIOTist.

The second manifestation of fundamental relativists idiocy is usually in ways people are treated. Statements such as "Those stupid Americans got what they elected" and "Those fundies are sure idiots" actually go against relativism. In fact, to be a true relativist, you sort of need to... well, be nothing. One of the most shining idiocies is when, for example, people say "property is owned by no one" then will complain about something like "That Jehovah Witness came onto my land! I'm going to call the police and tie up the legal system in some totally worthless endeavor!"

Of course this has the obvious connotations of religion and morals, but I won't beat that horse again (though I may in an upcoming rant).

Anyway, in summary, if you are any of those things above you suck. Good-bye.

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