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Intenet working again!

posted by Crazed on 2008/3/26 (General)

For those of you that know, my internet - nay, my entire phone service - was wonky for the past two weeks or so.

We all know what caused my problems last time...


But this time, it wasn't that!

It all started about a month back when we merged our dedicated DSL/fax line into our voice line. We'd gotten the second line ages ago for the days when we still had AOL. It was just a vestigial... vestige of the horror of America Online, so we got rid of it.

Now, hitherto we'd installed no filters anywhere on the Line 1 phones (because we never needed to). I was a fool and gave all of the filters supplied by my DSL installation kit to friends, because I thought they were cheap. Well, sl+filter&kwVery happysl+filter&parentPage=search">they're not. Sure, they were cheaper on Amazon, but the shipping still brought the price up to about $10 USD.

We managed to get some filters from a friend and we dug up a few others. So, the DSL was able to cooperate with the phones. However, there was one thing the ring I did not intend. The internet was cutting off around 2 AM each night, for five-minute stretches. These phantom problems were caused by my satellite TV receiver dialing out and disrupting the modem - I realized this when my receiver said it hadn't made a successful call in about fifty days.

So I filtered that, and things were ok - for awhile. But then, about three weeks ago, there started to be some other strange problems. The line-answered lights on our phones were blinking, and when we'd pick up the phones we'd hear a brief digital ticking (which we assumed was the modem). Then the internet would cut out.

In the last two weeks it got really bad. I couldn't stay on the internet for more than a few minutes. The phones themselves actually cut out, sometimes for hours at a time. The evil ticking sound was still there.

First my dad and I rewired the phone punchblock downstairs and filtered the entire house instead of spending $50 for new filters for each phone, then ran a physical line from the modem to the phone block. But, that didn't solve the phone issues, though the random cutouts got better (hence why I was able to get online for a few minutes a few nights this week). This was mysterious, because the digital ticking sound was still there; it could not have been the modem.

Then, Verizon was out today and apparently replaced some wire on the back pole, but it still didn't work. Scratchy and oft-disconnected phones, mysterious beeping lights, and the strange, digital beeping noise.

However, we talked to Verizon again today and they told us something that we'd forgotten: our new, merged line featured computerized voicemail. Apparently, the ticking sound was the voicemail alerting us to new messages, as were the blinking lights.

Naturally, this diagnosis did make sense, but it still didn't explain the disconnects and the scratchy phones. So I went in and cleared out the 16 voicemails that had built up over the past three weeks of outages. Then the lights and sounds ceased, including the scratchy noise.

So, as of the last thirty minutes before this post, the phones and internet are working again. Everything makes sense to me aside from the scratchy phone and disconnects. I suppose it could have been the new wire the technician put on the phone poll, but those sounds persisted even after he left.

Meh, whatever.

I'm back now, and apologies to everyone who has been waiting on me or suffering withdrawal for the last week.

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