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posted by Crazed on 2008/4/22 (Rants)

I will warn Mac users: you have 10 seconds to leave the site before I begin bashing Mac.

Gone yet? Well, whatever. Really, I don't hate Apple. I had an iPod (it died, but it wasn't its own fault) and iPhones are pretty cool. However, the corporate and marketing mentality is about the most pathetic thing in this planet.

Anyway, watch this commercial that I just saw on TV a bit ago:

Now hold on a second. Let me get this straight. All of the "Get a Mac" commercials are all filled with more untruths than Al Gore speaking on good sportsmanship, but this one is particularly bloated. So, allow me, if you will, to take on this commercial line-by-line.

Psychiatrist Lady to PC
Unlike Mac, whose operating system and hardware are all made by the same people, your stuff comes from a bunch of different places.

Firstly, last I remember, Windows was made by Microsoft. Perhaps they refer to some of the stuff that comes bundled by other people - however, that is not truly called the "operating system." Perhaps this was a low blow at the allegedly-stolen original Windows source code? I don't know.

Secondly, Macs are now using Intel processors. And, as far as I can tell, Inteland Appleare two different companies (and at the time of writing, Apple is down 4.46%, whoo!). So, what does this mean?

Mac does not make all of its own parts.

Psychiatrist Lady to PC
Under those circumstances, who could expect everything to work together the way they should

Well, let's see... IEEE and ISO have been standardizing stuff for years. Almost everything you buy today for computers (I'm talking about hardware here) can be plugged in and will work. And, if it doesn't work on a PC, the chances are it sure as hell won't work on a Mac (since they do use the same architecture now).

Furthermore, look at the W3C, an organization which has been championing standardization of the World Wide Web since it was formulated. Things on the Internet come from a variety of different sources, and although there are tons of crappy websites (most of them designed by yuppies using Dreamweaver on Mac), by-and-large the Internet is compatible.

PC to Mac and Psychiatrist Lady
It's not my fault... it's not my fault! It's Mac's fault!

This is possibly the only speck of truth in this ad. In fact, it is Mac's fault. If they stopped the ridiculous corporate mudslinging (although they are moving in the right direction; once again, Intel), they could actually produce a decent operating system.

You see, using Mac is like buying this well-toted pair of sunglasses, only to realize you're living on a planet without a sun. Although all of your friends are sporting literal sunglasses, you're still stuck with your worthless pile of plastic - but defiantly, you try to make it seem like the "cool" thing. This kind of happened with the PlayStation 3, although that's now rebounding. However, for Apple, there is no end in sight to the mediocrity.


The thing I originally wanted to comment on was how reversed the roles were in this commercial. Since the characters of Mac and PC have been analyzed so many times, I'm not going to spend time doing that; I'll assume you know that Mac stands for the think-outside-the-box, free-spirit, IFC-watching, "plugged-in", Obama-voting socialite, and that PC is, well, "the man" or something like that.

So, tell me, how is it not ironic that this ad is promoting total dominance? Although it's not true that Apple produces all of its own crap (and it is crap), it is true that this ad is promoting monopoly. Is that not something the evil PC would do?

In reality, it is not so.

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