A Comic?

posted by Zara on 2008/4/24 (General)

Wait, what? I've got a webcomic? Actually, yeah, I do, though you've probably never heard of it. It was posted on the forums on Giant in the Playground Games at first, and eventually grew enough that I decided to move it to it's own site, which is located not far from this little place.

So what's this Anti-Heroes thing about? Well, it's a comic done in the same style as Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick, but with a completely different setting and all new characters. It gained quite a following over at Rich's forums, and I'm hoping to get more fans now that I'm on my own site, but as I said there, only time will tell.

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teyldlfr - 2012/1/5
Od2YYK prksspnerirh

Minerva - 2012/1/5
Very valid, pithy, scuicnct, and on point. WD.

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